Thai Bodywork

Thai Bodywork is an ancient form of massage that treats both the energetic and physical bodies.  Thai Bodywork takes place on the floor with a soft mat, pillows, and blankets. The recipient wears comfortable clothes. The Thai practitioner applies pressure to energy points all along the body, erasing blocks and inviting flow to return to stagnant parts of the body. There is a significant amount of stretching and dancing in Thai Bodywork. People sometimes call Thai Bodywork “Yoga Massage” or “Dancing Massage” for this reason. The rhythm of the massage is like a wave, with calming lulls and crests of intensity and release. It is excellent for relaxation, therapy of chronic physical conditions, improving flexibility, physical performance, digestion, breath, circulation, detoxification, and energetic and emotional release.

To Inquire about Sessions  Email: or call 703 927 8454


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