Emily’s Story

I was 11 when my path laid itself out before me. I saw a woman dancing on-stage. I felt her dance remarkably; she was sharing how to live and breathe. Her presence expanded and her inner creature set itself wild and free. From that moment, I devoted myself to my art of dance. Dance became a way of being.

My artistic cradle lies in the intersection between the cultural diversity of New York City and pristine wild lands and waters of the globe. I roam the bridge between wild places and our wild inheritance on the stages of New York City, in the mountains of Colorado, in dance studios and private sessions where I teach healing movement and bodywork sessions. I have also had the gift of studying and practicing the sacred lineage of Thai Massage and the Universal Tao, which in turn instruct me daily.  I am a co-founder of Altaer Education and facilitate workshops that blend healing and dance practice as shared, sacred space.


Graduate of Tisch School of the Arts Dance 2007, BFA

Certified Teacher of MELT Method (The Art of Self-Care)

Certified Teacher of Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® Expansion Systems


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