Full Moon Dance

ImageEntry From Outside of Rari, Chile on 3/9/2012:

I am so captivated by the Moon.

My skin and spirit cannot help but soak in its rich beams.

Songs rush out with pounding crashes on the banks of my body.

Then its clear, I must dance-my energy comes not from within the structure of myself- but from the Light and Shine of the Moon and my shadow cooly reflected on the Earth, beaming back at me. At first I dance and find movement that feels good, in a energy flow I feel I can sustain at 2am. After awhile my desire supersedes this way of moving, and moving to feel good becomes like an identity trap, limited and unsatisfying. Then I start to practice Deborah Hay’s work and “how” I am seeing. Shifting my head constantly- flooding my visual intake. I greet the potential of my moving body, time as music, space as the dancer.

I notice how pure and clean my body feels and the amazing adeptness for precision and creation. Now I am dancing to the Hills and with the open grandeur of the sky, making a memory in the Light of the Full Moon.

I love how I mark things when I dance with them. My consciousness splits. In split form, consciousness recognizes us together and we swim and wind and weave together in my body. Dance is the intersection of so many places in time: present-past-future. As we plant this Collective Memory a new phase comes ALIVE in the Dance, one I did not expect but knew/ know has to be born.

Suddenly the Dance is a heightened state of awareness with surges of energy like the long Moon Beams traveling to my Earth-based eyes. My Body feels stronger, my movements more confident and trusting. I have more release into the unknown- I feel more durable and less guarded in my movement choices- the full spectrum is available to me. I am dancing because I am ALIVE. I am ALIVE because I am dancing. I can suddenly sense how alive I am!

This is the radiance of my moving body. I have the task of birthing it!

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1 Response to Full Moon Dance

  1. katita says:

    thank you, sparkler, for reminding me of the power of life and dance as ONE. ah ha! everyone in La Bella miss and ask about you fondly here all the time… besos de chile

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