I am embarking on a quest to communicate in a language that can share and describe the infinity of great wisdom I touch while dancing. The objective is to tap into this potential as a way of living more fully as our creative beings- a channel for authenticity, honesty, and healing. The challenge is that my mind and understanding are shifting so rapidly that language seems inadequate to transmit the meaning of my intention. Thus, I will be posting writing, images, videos, and links to evoke what I mean as I generate this collective body of “Dancing Wisdom.”

I understand I will never be able to fully accomplish this as my Spirit is dreaming it. I must try and create a structure: like the web of the dream catcher, to have some adhesion of this dream into our lives. So that we may be birthed new unto ourselves unto each other and unto our beautiful Planet Earth.

Please tune in with me on this journey and share what you think. How it inspires you, changes you. What thoughts it provokes for you. Get WILD with your imaginative abilities as I will be encouraging mine.

I am committing to posting at least every Friday- but hopefully more often.

See you on the other side of the rainbow,



This Photo Was Found at http://www.facebook.com/greenrenaissance and inspired the action of this Blog!


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4 Responses to Blog Objective: Invitation to a WILD Journey 4/20/2012

  1. good luck Emily….. bless for your Geat Espirit
    nice to meet you
    from chile…. claudio

    good! …. extended God

    • emilyily says:

      Dear Claudio, Thank you for your blessing!
      Nice to meet you in the mud. Good luck and blessing for your great spirit.
      Thank you for putting me in touch with Joy!

  2. Margaret Paek says:

    words are a whole different thing to me. they can be burdensome, heavy, clunky. they can be too direct. too poetic. too loaded. too cerebral.
    but we still try.
    we still must try.
    to describe, to circumscribe, to whittle away at, to get closer to, to point at… the experience, the motion, the transformation, the generosity that is dance. that we dance.
    because to write about it, around it, through it, reflect on it, attempt to share it, bring context to it, thicken it… we change it, ourselves, each other.
    and in the transformation, we are dancing again.
    we are dancing.
    we are.


  3. Kyle Craig-Bogard says:

    Best of luck to you in this endeavor! I find it fascinating and can totally relate to the feeling and idea that dance is a pathway for our souls to express, be heard, be known, especially when we have no words to put to how we feel or what we are trying to express. I come from the musical theatre world and the quote (from where it comes, I don’t know specifically, but we all use it) ….in a musical when we can’t express how we feel in words, we sing, when singing is no longer adequate, we DANCE. The pinnacle of expression. The high priestesses of the temples in olden days were dancers. They were the most highly held because of how they could express. I say to you, forge on, it is a noble cause.
    Peace to you,

    Kyle Craig-Bogard

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